How we Work

Expert-crafted website designing and development

Website development and designing is a crucial faction of the digital marketing practice. We create customized designs with a software-based development process that results in the creation of professionally stunning websites.


At the planning stage of the service, we cater to your website by focusing on several aspects such as website purpose, business publicity requirements, the definition of the target audience and business goals.

Requirements Analysis

We coordinate with you and your team to understand the requirements of your business while adhering to the set industrial standards for business website development and designing. We set a measurable and specific goal while analyzing what might work for your website and what won’t.

Technology And Resources

Post requirement evaluation, we look for the latest technology and tools by scouring through our resources to estimate what works for your brand regarding designs. We opt for ample research before implementation of any content or design for the website which is why the online profiles created by us are always updated.

02 : Design

Now, after we sketch out the blueprint for the strategies to opt, it’s time for creating the base for the website’s design. Whether it’s going to be an HTML based website or one developed with the use of CMS is entirely decided by the designers with the best in mind for the business.


Wireframes make up for a crucial step for any kind of website designing process. Primarily, it allows the crafters the ease of definitive informational hierarchy with a well-planned layout.


Mockups tend to be an easy way for quick try-out of the several combinations of layout and copies for the business website. At Pixels Blooming, we ensure that the mockup process is completed before the initiation of the development process.

03 : Development

We create an accurate timeline for the development process that starts with gathering relevant information followed by the planning of website design. Post planning, we bring in a team of creative writers that deck the designs with aesthetically pleasing words that aptly define the real meaning of the brand. Every tool and software used for the website development process is genuine with a particularly futuristic approach.

04 : Testing

The testing phase for the website initiated by our developers and designers comprise of various aspects such as readability test, visibility tests, browser test, or any bug that might be present in the overall design. We go through every bit with proper testing to ensure that every page and design is at par the standards.

05 : Launch

The final launch is only initiated after all the stages that led to the website’s launch have been completed with no error in the process. Any error, if found, leads to a whole new protocol for testing to ensure the website works smoothly on the online platform.

Let’s Discuss Your Project And Work Together!

At Pixels Blooming, we work as a squad comprised of designers, strategists, and developers that craft website based IT solutions at pocket-friendly prices.






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